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@1minworld w/ Princess

Dates with showtimes for @1minworld w/ Princess
  • Thu, Jun 6

Run Time: 60 min.

Tickets FREE. @1minworld (One Minute World) is a video song cycle that features original animations and live musical performance. The music is performed live alongside the video projection. The first half of the performance is made up of 15 intentionally brief one-minute video songs. @1minworld's primary-colored bubblegum visuals contrast the songs’ content which explore the discontents of our social media age: filter bubbles, surveillance capitalism, and shortened attention spans, to name a few. The second half of the performance, by contrast, features one long meditative video song equal in length to the entire first half, creating a space for the audience to experience time in a different way.

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Watch trailer for @1minworld w/ Princess Watch trailer
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