Who designed this space?  

The amazing team at Osmose Design —who in addition to the gorgeousness of the Tomorrow Theater have designed, well, alot of cool places and spaces (ones that give us joy – like rollerskating rinks, ice cream parlors, coffee havens and wildly happy homes). 

Other creative artists, designers and industry knowhow that contributed to the space includes:

Guerilla Development
Skylight Collective
Portland Garment Factory
Pattern People 
Full Aperture 
Perlo Construction
Urban Resources, Inc.
Brett Schultz Architect


Originally imagined as a vaudeville theater opened in 1925, the space has lived many lives in many eras, from its vaudeville origins to hosting art house and Spanish-language films, to its most recent iteration as the X-rated movie house the Oregon Theater. With deep storytelling roots and nearly a century of Portland history, the venue itself is a kindred spirit to the vision for the Tomorrow Theater.

Andee Hess and Makrai Crecelius, of Portland-based and female-owned interior design studio Osmose, designed the theater. Known for their wildly imaginative and unique projects, their work has been featured in The New York Times and Architectural Digest as the creative forces behind spaces as varied as Salt & Straw ice cream shops and Fred Armisen’s goth-inspired house. The project was developed by Guerrilla Development in concert with PAM CUT and the design team.

The partnership is part of ChefStable group, whose portfolio of projects includes James Beard Award winning OX Restaurant, Voysey, helmed by legendary bartender Katie Stipe, KEX Hotel which houses Pacific Standard—Jeffrey Morganthaler’s newest project, acclaimed Restaurant St. Jack, along with numerous other hot spots and event spaces in Portland and Northwest.
PAM CUT Tomorrow Theater creative program advisors include: Savina Neirotti (Venice Biennale Cinema), Liz Mowe (Kickstarter), Thomas Gewecke (Former Chief Digital Officer, Warner Bros), Aimee Lynn Barneberg & Nico Fearn (Nike), Producer David Cress (Portlandia), Rosemary Colliver (ShadowMachine, PAM CUT Co-Chairwoman), Tim Williams (Oregon Film), Chloe Mason (model & actress), Shelby Rachleff (Westridge Foundation), Julie La’Bassiere (Publicity & Awards Strategist, AppleTV+), René Pinnell (Founder, Artizen), Byron Beck (journalist & media personality), and Patty Brebner (Opinionated), as well as PAM Board Chairwoman Alix Meier Goodman and PAM CUT Co-Chairwoman Mary Blair.