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Poster for NIGHT OF 1000… PEE-WEES // Big Top Pee-wee
Watch trailer for NIGHT OF 1000… PEE-WEES // Big Top Pee-wee Watch trailer

NIGHT OF 1000… PEE-WEES // Big Top Pee-wee

Dates with showtimes for NIGHT OF 1000... PEE-WEES // Big Top Pee-wee
  • Fri, Dec 22
  1. 6:00 pm

Run Time: 86 min.

Doors at 5pm. Show Starts at 6pm. Tickets $15. 

Pee-wee’s a small town farmer (who cultivates hot dog trees, mind you!) but when the circus comes to town, ooh wee buckaroo does he fall hard for the trapeze artist even though he’s already got a fiancée — and befriends a talking pig named Vance along the way! Dustin Diamond AND Benicio del Toro make an appearance in this banana cakes film that is one of the strangest watches of the 90’s. And all the wilder on the big screen!

Portland-based artist Jeff Brawn will be selling Pee-Wee Herman artwork at the theater from 5PM-6PM. 



Jeff Brawn is a Portland based illustrator, mixed media artist and author. His commercial clients include everything from movie studios to restaurants, podcasts, musicians and breweries.  His personal art has been collected by people you may have heard of  (Director James Gunn, Comedians Jimmy Kimmel, Bobcat Goldthwait, Mike Myers, Dana Gould, Jeff Garlin…) and a lot more who you definitely have not (Kevin Hopkins, for instance).  He’s won a few awards, but they will not be listed here because Jeff says “Awards for art are as stupid as ashtrays on motorcycles.” That statement not only shows his feelings about art awards, but also encompasses everything he knows about motorcycles. He is interested in collaborations, commissions, employment and anything else that might either be fun or put money in his ill-fed piggy bank. 


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