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Poster for The Cat and the Canary // Silent Film w/ Live Score by Corey J. Brewer
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The Cat and the Canary // Silent Film w/ Live Score by Corey J. Brewer

Opens on May 31

Run Time: 86 min.


Doors 6:30 p.m.; Event 7 p.m.

Click here to learn about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater.


Seattle-based musician Corey J. Brewer (who performed The Shining Forwards and Backwards at the Tomorrow in December) is back with a new live score performed over the 1927 silent horror comedy film The Cat and the Canary.

“Armed with just a microphone and a magic suitcase of lights and sound, Corey J. Brewer delivers his creepy croon over expansive basement beats and eerie synth gurgles. Think Nick Cave doing the ‘In Dreams’ scene from Blue Velvet while Boards of Canada tries to break out of Frank’s cellar.” —Dan Paulus, City Arts.

ON SCREEN: The Cat and the Canary

1927. Directed by Paul Leni. Runtime: 86 minutes. Not Rated.

Regarded as one of the most important and influential films in the early history of American genre cinema, The Cat and the Canary perfected the ‘old dark house’ formula and set the stage for the Universal horror cycle of the 1930s.

Twenty years after the death of millionaire Cyrus West, his surviving relatives are called together in a decaying mansion on the Hudson River. There, they gather to hear West’s lawyer Roger Crosby (Tully Marshall) read his last will and testament and discover that West has left everything to his niece Annabelle (Laura La Plante). That is, at least, on the condition that she is judged to be legally sane. As the family settles in for the evening, tensions rise when they are informed that a murderer nicknamed the Cat has escaped from a nearby asylum and is suspected to be somewhere on the grounds. Crosby soon disappears in mysterious circumstances, which proves to be just the first in a series of horrifying events that will punctuate a long, dark night of terror— during which Annabelle’s sanity will be called into question again and again.

ON STAGE: Corey J Brewer

Live score of the film will be performed by Corey J Brewer, a musician and visual artist living in Seattle. He has written and performed reimagined and original scores for The Capitol Theater in Olympia, The Northwest Film Forum in Seattle, and the Lincoln Theatre in his hometown of Mt Vernon, WA. He would probably write music for your movie if you asked him.





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