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Poster for Mommie Dearest with Donatella Nobody // SOCIAL CINEMA
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Mommie Dearest with Donatella Nobody // SOCIAL CINEMA

Dates with showtimes for Mommie Dearest with Donatella Nobody // SOCIAL CINEMA
  • Sun, May 12

Run Time: 128 min. Rating: R Release Year: 1981

Doors at 3:30 p.m.; Performance at 4 p.m.; Film at 4:30 p.m. Tickets $15.
Click here to learn more about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater. 


“No wire hangers!” celebrate Mother’s Day with a screening of this often unhinged and highly quotable camp classic. Hosted by Portland’s fabulous Donatella Nobody, get ready to clutch your pearls and pay homage to the ultimate portrayal of maternal complexity. 

ON SCREEN: Mommy Dearest

1981. Directed by Frank Perry. Runtime: 129 minutes. Rated R

Outrageous and controversial, this is the story of legendary movie star Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) as she struggles for her career and battles the inner demons of her private life. This torment was manifested in her relationships with her adopted children, Christina (Diana Scarwid) and Christopher (Xander Berkeley). The public Crawford was a strong-willed, glamorous object of admiration, but Mommie Dearest reveals the private Crawford, the woman desperate to be a mother, adopting her children when she was single and trying to survive in a devastating industry that swallows careers thoughtlessly. The rage, the debilitating strain, and the terrifying descent into alcoholism and child abuse are graphically—and unforgettably—depicted in this film, based upon Christina Crawford’s best-selling book.


ON STAGE: Donatella Nobody

Donatella Nobody (the drag alter ego of local theatre designer and educator, Tyler Buswell) is a fabulous camp queen whose drag shows often explore the intersection of queer culture, gender roles and theatrical storytelling. With a background as an actor and visual artist, Donatella presents polished and rehearsed performances that are also lighthearted and don’t take themselves too seriously!


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