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Poster for MARCH MADNESS // Music Videos and Comedy!

MARCH MADNESS // Music Videos and Comedy!

Opens on March 22

Run Time: 120 min.

Doors Open 6:30 p.m.; Event starts at 7 p.m.;  Tickets are $5.
Click here to learn about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater.


Come celebrate March Madness, not with basketball brackets, but by basking in the glorious shimmer of locally made music videos! Not only will your eyes and ears commingle in a pool of joyful ecstasy, but local comedians Lee H. Tillman, Kelly Thomas, and special guest emcee Michelle Kicherer of Banana Pitch will bring this event full circle with plenty of hearty laughs and an audience applause meter. 



Non Zero Sum by Dreckig | 2023. Directed by Alicia J. Rose. Runtime: 3:25.

In the Mood by Wynee | 2023. Directed by Winlostie. Runtime: 2:10. 

Aftershocks by Mantawoman | 2023. Directed by Jenny M Ng. Runtime: 3:15

Diamond Age by Flight Call | 2023. Directed by Lauren Everett and Tai Woodville. Runtime: 3:17

Collapse by Y La Bamba | 2023. Directed by Jesse Bettis. Runtime: 4:10.

Try by The Menzingers | 2023. Directed by Whitey McConnaughy. Runtime: 4:00.

Puffy by Tristtan | 2022. Directed by Emma Josephson. Runtime: 3:50.

Hot Blooded by New Constellations | 2023. Directed by Travis Abels. Runtime: 4:30.

Condition Indicator by Ogre | 2023. Directed by Justin Boswick. Runtime: 6:21.

Room 157 by The Spoonbenders | 2023. Directed by Katy Black. Runtime: 4:15.

Summer of Hate by The Dandy Warhols | 2023. Directed by Justin Lowe. Runtime: 3:17.

I’m on Fire by The Gentry | 2022. Directed by Marcus Warner. Runtime: 4:02.

I Put a Spell On You by Masonique | 2022. Directed by Ron Mason Gassaway. Runtime: 4:00.

The Unheard by Mic Crenshaw | 2023. Directed by Ian Westmorland. Runtime: 3:13

Smooth Criminal by Full Metal Jackson |2022. Directed by Quinton Gardner. Runtime: 4:08
Enchanted by Reverbhunter |2023. Directed by Lisa Bolden. Runtime: 3:22
Dash by Kadren | 2023. Directed by Twixx Williams. Runtime: 2:30
Nobody by Black Belt Eagle Scout2023. Directed by Evan Bennally Atwood. Runtime: 6:20
Loves to Breaky by Jessica Boudreaux2023. Directed by Brett Roberts. Runtime: 3:55
You So Nasty by Karma Rivera | 2023. Directed by Ashtyn Smiles. Runtime 2:30
FUBAR by Mattress| Directed by Tony Prato. Runtime 4:49 2024
On & On & On by Forty Feet Tall| Directed by Haydn Cieri. Runtime 3:22  2023
Fantastic by Joe Strummer | Directed by Lance Bangs. Runtime 6:15  2023


Michelle Kicherer is a fiction writer who writes about books and music for the San Francisco Chronicle, Willamette Week and others. She teaches writing classes at Portland Community College, Literary Arts and online, and often encourages her students to get weirder. Michelle hosts the Banana Pitch Variety Show, an online and in-person talk show that showcases music, arts and weirds. 



Lee H. Tillman has a low-key delivery, but please do not mistake his laid-back delivery for complacency. There are surprises at every turn. In addition to headlining at comedy clubs all over the Pacific NorthWest, and performing internationally, he has also performed at comedy festivals all over the United States including the Burbank Comedy Festival at Flappers where he was awarded “Best of Fest ”. His first comedy special “Bad At Math” is now available on YouTube.


Kelly Thomas is a Portland born trans comedienne, improviser and storyteller. Host and producer of Public Access Comedy at Funhouse Lounge.



This event is supported by Prosper Portland.

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