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Poster for Local Animation Showcase + The SelfieBot

Local Animation Showcase + The SelfieBot

Dates with showtimes for Local Animation Showcase + The SelfieBot
  • Thu, Aug 8

Run Time: 90 min.

Tickets $15.

Doors at 6:30 p.m.; Event at 7 p.m. 
Click here to learn more about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater.


Join us for an exciting showcase of new animated shorts from Northwest filmmakers!

ON SCREEN: Shorts by local animators

Directed by Viviann Equisoain. 2024. Runtime: 7 minutes. 

An experimental animation about an old man who has to complete food challenges in order to escape from his nightmare. 


Mundus Inversus: Two Stories from The Cadence
Directed by Luca Dipierro. 2022. Runtime: 6 minutes. 

An old woman’s solitary existence in the woods is haunted by a mysterious presence. A world turned upside down is seen through the eyes of a goat-riding witch. Catchpenny prints and old woodcuts come to life in these short animations by artist Luca Dipierro, taken from his latest film The Cadence. A puppet play filmed in stop motion with tiny cut out marionettes made of book cloth, paper and fabric.


Directed by Arianna Gazca. 2024. Runtime: 4 minutes.

A farewell to what could have been, what used to be. A fleeting moment of solitude juxtaposed against fragmentation. A short animated composition on the acceptance of something lost in the present. 


An Evening with Father
Directed by Zak Margolis. 2002. Runtime: 7 minutes. 

My father is part comedian, part magician, and part tortured soul. I’m not saying I had an encounter in the bathroom with him that was like this—but, hell, it sure feels as if I did.


Lone Buck Motel
Directed by Sarah Franklin. 2024. Runtime: 2 minutes. 

After receiving an ominous invitation, Kat arrives at a seemingly empty motel off the highway. She doesn’t know who or what she will find in the dark of room 13—her demise, or her wildest dreams. But there is only one way to find out. 


Record Heights
Directed by Beryl Allee. 2022. Runtime: 5 minutes. 

The Frogs compete to reach new heights. 



No More
Directed by Chel White. 2022. Runtime: 4 minutes. 

Through metaphor and visual abstraction, No More is an experimental video about love, loss and memories of years long gone. The animated imagery is created by running original photographs and xerography through an AI application. The song is by David Lynch’s music collaborator Dean Hurley. 


The Eternal Recurrence of Unique Conditions
Directed by Aaron F. Ross. 2024. Runtime: 3 minutes.  

Exploring themes of repetition as a form of change, this abstract music video employs a technique of analog video synthesis called raster scan processing. Chaotic imagery is generated with an LZX-compatible video synthesizer feeding back through a vintage XYZ vector monitor. Color and movement are controlled in real time with digital and analog tools, including a PC and a battery of Eurorack audio modules.

How to Unearth Creatures of Your Mind
Directed by The Sweet Dood. 2023. Runtime: 7 minutes. 

The Sweet Dood unearths creatures from the depths of his mind, with the help of an omnipotent narrator.  



Directed by Daniela Repas. 2024. Runtime: 2 minutes. 

Protean is an exercise in observing the relationship between rhythm, patterns, space and sound. Animation as a primary medium allows me to play with patterns within movements and still images, while the sound and sculptural elements expand the visuals into physical space. However, once stripped of these technical aspects Protean intent is to consume the audience with the poetical notion of fleeing moments, possibility of multiverse and one’s mortality. This excerpt is a single channel version of a five channel installation.

Scat Jazz
Directed by Fry. 2022. Runtime: 1 minute.

Kevin tries to name that tune. 





Hot Future
Directed by Mike Anderson. 2023. Runtime: 10 minutes. 

1000 years in the future, America is a sweltering, savage land of dance-fighting warriors. Johnny must dance to kill, kill to survive, and survive for love. 

Always Moving
Directed by Laura Heit. 2024. Runtime: 3 minutes.




Directed by Evelyn Ross. 2016. Runtime: 3 minutes.

In the beginning of them, She created us. 




ON STAGE: SelfieBot by Fry

Selfie Bot is an interstellar being that has been sent from the depths of space to document humans on the planet Earth. Funded by Regional Arts and Culture Council.

Fry is a visual strategist, illustrator, and community organizer who believes images are a powerful tool for creating positive change. With a strong foundational knowledge of design and teaching she has held leadership roles in the education sector for the past 5 years. Her interest in visual work is founded in an appreciation for deeper levels of listening, cultivating new mindsets, and allowing space for people to be creative. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon, where she feels fortunate to share her passion to enhance community engagement.

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