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Poster for Hollywoodgate


Dates with showtimes for Hollywoodgate
  • Thu, Aug 15

Run Time: 91 min. Release Year: 2024

Doors at 6:30 p.m.; Film at 7 p.m. Tickets $15.
Click here to learn more about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater. 


Join us for one of the most talked about films since its festival debut last fall (at the Telluride Film Festival). This film is an unparalleled journalistic feat to witness and an unforgettably visceral experience. For American audiences looking back on the country we occupied for so many years, the film forces us to grapple with the question: what was this all for?

ON SCREEN: Hollywoodgate

2023. Directed by Ibrahim Nash’at. Runtime: 91 minutes. Not Rated.
When the United States withdrew from its twenty-year “forever war” in Afghanistan, the Taliban retook control of the ravaged country and immediately found an American base loaded with weaponry—a portion of the over $7 billion in U.S. armaments still in the country. Unprecedented and audacious, director Ibrahim Nash’at’s Hollywoodgate spends a year inside Afghanistan following the Taliban as they take possession of the cache America left behind—and transform from a fundamentalist militia into a heavily armed military regime.

“This is what access journalism should be, And what access,” —Indiewire

“Hollywoodgate throws us in the deep end and compels us to swim. —Rolling Stone

“Hollywoodgate will gain potency in the years to come” —The Hollywood Reporter

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