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Poster for SOCIAL CINEMA // Ghostbusters II
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SOCIAL CINEMA // Ghostbusters II

Opens on December 31

Run Time: 108 min.

Doors at 5pm. Show at 6pm. Tickets $15.  

Who ya gonna ring in the new year with?! Break out your finest jumpsuit for  the second installment in the Ghostbusters franchise – set on New Years Eve 1989! Featuring fantastic food and drinks and fun galore, watch in awe as a resurgence in spectral activity causes the boys to come out of retirement to save New York City.

Oregon’s own gang of ghostbusters, the Portland Ghostbusters will kick off the evening with some pre-show festivities.

Ghostbusters II (1989)

Having lost their status and credibility five years after covering New York City with gooey roasted marshmallows in Ghostbusters (1984), the city’s former heroes and once-popular spirit-hunters struggle to keep afloat, forced to work odd jobs. However, when Dana and her baby have yet another terrifying encounter with the paranormal, it is up to Peter Venkman and his fearless team of supernatural crime fighters to step up and save the day. Once more, humankind is in danger, as rivers of slimy psycho-reactive ectoplasm, paired with the dreadful manifestation of evil sixteenth-century tyrant Vigo the Carpathian, threaten to plunge the entire city into darkness. Is the world ready to believe? Can the Ghostbusters save us for the second time?


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