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Poster for Fogtown Grand Showcase
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Fogtown Grand Showcase

Dates with showtimes for Fogtown Grand Showcase
  • Thu, Aug 22

Run Time: 90 min.

Tickets $15.

Doors at 6:30 p.m.; Event at 7 p.m. 
Click here to learn more about accessibility at the Tomorrow Theater. 


Bring the whole family and enjoy the riotously funny puppet-driven take on the world’s most famous supersleuth. Be the first to see this long-in-development TV pilot before the rest of the world, and you’ll also get to partake in a lively, audience-participation driven Fogtown videogame, where YOU make the choices that our determined detectives take on the big screen! Fans of The Muppets and Wallace & Gromit are sure to be entertained by the handcrafted hijinks permeating every frame.

ON SCREEN: Fogtown

2024. Directed by Austin Hillebrecht & Sean Parker. Runtime: 30 minutes.

Fogtown sees the brilliant (but easily-distracted) Sherblock and his caring, stalwart best friend Blockson squaring off against eccentric criminals in the cardboard city of Fogtown. In this first episode, Sherblock struggles with gaining the recognition he yearns for, all while matching wits with a mysterious, moth-napping menace — and everyone is a suspect! Meanwhile, in the interactive Fogtown videogame, we go back in time to the early days of Sherblock & Blockson’s partnership. Players will help them crack one of their first big cases, when an unknown scoundrel meddles with their beloved landlady Mrs. Hud (and her equally cherished pub). It’s a wacky, branching choose-your-own-adventure style experience with many ways to play — shout out your suggestions, because the crowd determines what happens next!


Cast and creators will be in attendance to talk about the decade-long journey of Fogtown, from its origins to its pandemic-influenced transformation and foray into the world of gaming — as well as where it’s heading next.


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